اس ام اس جدید ، اس ام اس عاشقانه

اس ام اس جدید ، اس ام اس عاشقانه

Hormones that can make you love
Knowledge of action today demonstrates our hormones are involved in having a happy life . Every man and woman who are married , their love has survived so many years of exploring neural origin - is biologically human emotions .a romantic and sustainable living .


In the first encounter , your body and your front man of different information exchange is the exchange of information with a critical component pheromones , which are secreted from the axillary lymph nodes is performed .
After the first stage, the look , smile or gesture of a person attracted to men or women , he feels attached to the other side. The reason for the increase of adrenaline in the body that increases brain activity and makes a person feel good is.


Do not worry because you still fascinated by nature, she keeps in the closet is another matter . Dopamine , causing a feeling of happiness and harmony in the body. Oxytocin is the hormone that " Lady Love " is the title . Sound individual sexy, sweet memories , even a friendly look , causing the secretion of these hormones in the body. Lots of love at first oxytocin is secreted in your body ( the hormone also causes contractions during labor ). Oxytocin causes a person to be both dependent and love them to have a stable life , frequent sex and having children .... Is encouraging .

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Effects of Laughter
Had a laugh about it and its effects
We hear a lot , how much laughter and happiness in the human spirit and the Nhhvh deal with issues of transition effects. One of the factors in a happy mood enhancing self-esteem and stress management is.communicative function , also plays a role in emotional experience . though his smile and the smile Vadaryd few seconds to leave a smile on your little happier you feel , but if you frown , you will feel the tension and anger .

Senior Woman Laughing

 ● Research: The research subjects must state the frown or smile to their face, they are judged on conditioning of different odors . The results showed that when compared with a smile, frown, the smell odd smells coming Mtbvtr . In another case subjects with a pen while his lips were Dndanhav or cartoon films who evaluated the curing Note that putting the pen between the teeth and smiling face will frown on the face of a settlement between the lips creates. As expected, the brush was placed between the teeth ( smile mode ) will be taken into account more interesting films . Look no excuse Just smile , laugh , laugh , laugh , how it can change our mood ..... haha ho ho


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Know scientific reasons to love it
Anyone can say that at least once in your life who is experiencing love . Love has no relevance to age, gender, occupation and social status are almost people of all societies and cultures fall in love . What do you think of when someone in your heart , you know ? What causes changes in your sense ? The feeling that you've found , is transitory or permanent ? Where and how did this feeling arises in you ? They answered all the questions are answered so that a person falls in love due to hormonal changes and molecular Submit !

Love and hormones relationship
Several hypotheses about the biological basis of love there. Some say that love is a result of escalating levels of phenylalanine Aytlamyn , Pyamdhndh molecule in the brain that has a similar chemical structure to amphetamines , is. Some intrusive thoughts of love to the decrease in serotonin , a chemical messenger in the brain systems attribute . But most researchers believe that love is sentimental to be associated with anxiety and fear . They believe that people are often fearful of strong emotional bonds and intimate connection and their criteria for loving lover at least four hours a day thinking in connection with more than six months of her lover a sense of psychologists believe 18 months to 30 years will continue , but not to the initial intensity .
People love the main hormone that increases the hormone that is secreted by the body during stress and stress arousal in the early stages of a romantic relationship is obvious .
Interestingly, men intimately involved in testosterone levels , the hormone responsible for libido and aggressive behavior in males and females , fewer males are Ghyrashq .

Hormones that make you fall in love
Knowledge of action today demonstrates our hormones are involved in having a happy life . Znhayy all men who are married and those who love life has lasted so many years exploring the origin of neural science - biology , human emotion ..
In the first encounter , your body and front man of different information exchange that exchange information with a critical component of pheromones , which are secreted from the axillary lymph nodes , is performed.
After the first stage, the look , smile or gesture of a person attracted to men or women , he feels, is attached to the opposite side . The reason for the increase of adrenaline in the body that increases brain activity and makes a person feel good is.
and for the person to remain in this state in the activities that need to be re- induced secretion .
Do not worry because you still fascinated by nature, she keeps in the closet is another matter . Dopamine , causing a feeling of happiness and harmony in the body. Oxytocin is the hormone that " Lady Love " is the title . Sound individual sexy, sweet memories , even a friendly look , causing the secretion of these hormones in the body . Oxytocin is secreted in large quantities in the body's first love ( This hormone also causes contractions during labor ). When the two are interdependent and rely completely separated form the body begins to secrete this hormone and the secretion of hormones including testosterone , in fact they can say not only reasons physiologic but feels. Oxytocin causes a person becomes dependent and the love of two people to have a stable life , frequent sex and having children .... Urges .

Step by step to love
Scientists and researchers have loved to be divided into three stages : the first stage is of lust in both male and female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone arise due to the short period .
The second step is the attraction and Dlbakhtn . This is a step that is really love . In this phase you can not think about anything but his beloved . Interested in this phase of the activation response to stress and increased levels of adrenaline and cortisol in the blood. This process causes a glamorous effect . When he first makes you sweat , your heart beats faster and your mouth is dry .

Third Dlbstn that is associated with long-term commitment . Think of the first stage and second stage of the sexual attraction that long , so anyone who was in love with the spoils was imminent . But when a person enters these phases is Kntrlshdhtr feelings . It makes sense that couples are committed to each other and at this stage the hormones that are released by the nervous system , hormones that causes two people to adhere .

Despite these hormones have forgotten how to love their wives ?
Continuous secretion of these hormones , especially متن های عاشقانه oxytocin is necessary for couples to remain dynamic and active as time decreases the amount of dopamine in the body is reduced and the amount of passion . It is necessary to enhance the creative men and women constantly talk about memories or dreams . Any spark can cause oxytocin release is not Agrjrqhay natural that fire is over . , For the continuation of life, creativity and novelty responsibility of both men and women is otherwise easily goes from work and lost love hormone Brnmyayd .

Signs of falling in love
You have dealt with many people who have been contacted but have recently met someone who feels differently than you , but he was not sure that he is the same person who 've been looking . To reach the 10 mark that indicates your answer to this reading are her lover .
Previous nominate their way and do not want to have a relationship again . Previous candidate you like you will not last .

2 - You can not make him think : Think you remember all of his thought. You think it is pointless to ask yourself whether you believe in him to the extent that she thinks you ?

3 - to him you care about if you love someone, you want to know everything about him . Who is he ? What he thinks and what he Mykhndand . Do you care about her feelings . If someone is having a bad day or if you have a true passion for the subject is sad , you 're sad and distraught .
4 - character and attributes you a glamorous and Dlrbast : his movements while eating , walking , talking and Adthaysh to do for you great happiness will follow .
He says things that would distinguish him from others and you like it .

5 - Do you have a close relationship with him : You 're in love with someone with whom you do not have any transmigratory . If you and he have a wavelength and have the same ideas , this is a strong sign . The thought of being on various issues , the same decisions and the same implies that you 're in love with him .

6 - others not so much to your متن عاشقانه eyes when you no longer love your radar to track not work well compared to the rest of your loved one would not be interesting , in addition to she was the only one in gradually begin to feel you for your interest in someone who is a collector and have been looking for .

7 - Are you in love with her Vqtgzrandn : It is obvious but important . Are you looking to see him . A recent walk with him, the most beautiful way to spend an afternoon is also when he Dvryd , I wish that you were before you .

8 - in accordance with his desire to act : trying to show that some things, like going to the library or you are not comfortable with it because she asked them to do without Jbhhgyry and refused to pay. You will notice that he reconciled with his desires and plans , and in many cases are accompanied .

9 - other priorities in their retreat , you 're used evenings go to the gym , but if he had time for lunch if you prefer to go to restaurants together . You like the hard man who brings home his متن های زیبا weekend with his unfinished work until they do not and instead prefer to spend your weekend with her . They have always insisted on doing -do list now because he is no longer blossoming and it is not.

10 - Do you think that she is also a part of your future is in your mind with his unlimited future . The future is not just limited to a few days or a few weeks, but will continue for years . When you get invited to a wedding three months later, the remaining three months from now he 'd like to accompany you to participate in the ceremony .

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Now 4.7 millions people r going to sleep
...2.5 millionsr dreaming..
1.3 millions r watching Tv..
But one cute heartis reading my sweet SMS...

good night

Dreaming of you makes my night worthwhile,
Thinking of you makes me smile,
Being with you is the best thing ever,
And loving you is what I'll do forever..
Good night

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The memory of the teacher
Easter a few days to come. Most of the kids were mostly absent, or gone to the cities and counties of themselves, or Easter things were caught. But it came with no takhiri head master class and began giving lessons. Master our own regulations and dry mzedi on the difficulty.
Finally got to the end of the class was that one of the kids is too quiet, said Professor! The other end of the base year!

The master is also handy to have your hair take empty head!
And the glasses on her impressions, and that it would take its time on the table for the first time on a Chair took place.
Our 50-year-old Professor with that burnt brown coat that was armed, he said: now that I'm able to give lessons of trust, let me tell you the definition of a memory. I was about 21 or 22 healthy, live mash-up, my parents were eaten with hands wrinkled farmer and sun burnt, that every time she saw you, Roldan bbosmshan, bisan, something that never allow it to own my father's do with my mother's hands, however, didn't always like very quiet "mung bean dishes" that night and ate the feast Eid night and at the end I smell on you lbanm .
Astadman now he has pushed it to a little bit of time with such as: I don't know you guys won this time that every father or mother have their own scent or not? But I was always the smell of my mother when I deltungsh from the old tent and whiteness that tiny red flowers on it and I had a sense, my nose and mouth in front of tents can and did it with a few minutes to breathe ... But my father never allows like all pollutants with emotions I didn't find except once, not directly.
Near by was my Christmas present I was fresh tutor, and was taken to the first haqoqm, was in the morning, I went to water storage, water for washing dishes "breakfast. I came up the stairs that the voice I heard a slight masculine hq hq, of any steps that came up to the sound heard louder. The master himself is now crying. ...
My father's mother was also relaxed, said Sir! God is great, God is not our little guys before we proceed zara, foqsh guys are not the God of the Qur'an, diem festive false I don't but PA said: Mrs! You have been grandchild hamoon Tehran and we expect, you should not think that we will جملات زیبا ... ... more
Now I was brighter than the adventure that I want to cry because of my mother, I ask from the PA got in total 100 RS, have had money that was taken from school, my father and I got bent on the Shoemaker and the Shoemaker filled with soil and crop in the ground every day khali, was bosidm along with Daddy.
That year all human bradram and sister came, with half-height and height of children, each of which is easily "Uncle" and "Uncle" nsaram. Santa to each of the children and grandchildren gave 10 RS, RS remained festive as it gave to MOM as well as festive.
It was the first day after the holiday, XIV, which went to the head of the class. After the Croatian match with Manager Mr. class that had hung himself, said that his work, and should go. I went to a package of furniture doors, gray color corner his rickety * and gave to me.
I said: this is?
He said: you open an understanding.
I opened, 900 RS cash!
I said: this is for?
Said Center; a جملات عاشقانه few months to become the good guys were here had grown so I wanted to tshoiqat Center.
What does this tell you that knew not could be, just have it when the unconscious Mr. Director said this should not be RS 1000 900 RS!
Admin said: from where do you know? Someone told you? I said: no, just guess, same thing.
Actually, not anger, Manager of the bakhndah or prroi I get angry, but in any case the inquiry Center, said of the clamp and khbersh gives me. The next day I went to the teachers ' room to prepare BA for the class, my manager said to himself and kills: yesterday I got a call as soon as thou. I have been not just nine hundred thousand tomans, RS, that's the person who brought the package to hundred tomansh was gone, that I asked myself. But I bet it for a. ..
I said: how long?
He said: where can I say donsti? I don't guess that's funny!
The power to master the eyes of kids who eagerly wanted to hear the answer to the question of Mr. Director, Golden looked and took a bunch of glasses and fit it back goshsh and said: "Mr. Director said 10 times that no act of God shendi to reward the righteous?"
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ﺍﯾﻦ ﺭﻭﺯﻫﺎ... ﺧﻮﻥ ﻫﻢ ﮔﺮﯾﻪ ﮐﻨﯽ، ﻋﻤﻖ ﻫﻤﺪﺭﺩﯼ ﺩﯾﮕﺮﺍﻥ ﺑﺎ ﺗﻮ... ﯾﮏ ﮐﻠﻤﻪ ﺍﺳﺖ :" ﺁﺧﯽ"

ساعت ۸ صبح کلاس داریم. منم خمیازه میکشم و دهنم یه متر باز میشه.
استاد میگه چیه خوابت میاد؟ پَ نَ پَ میخوام بخورمت

نفرینت نمی کنم، برو!
از دوست داشتن
در امان نخواهی بود
و خاطره،
روزی تو را خواهد کشت!

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funny is absurdly logical.

as I warned you, Which, isn’t very funny to joke.
logic No one lives by this of the absurd more than Miami columnist, Dave Barry:
“I feel an As a laughter sms mature adult obligation to help the younger generation, just as the mother fish guards her unhatched eggs, keeping her, never leaving her post, not even to go to the bathroom, until her tiny babies emerge and she is able, at last, to eat them.lonely vigil day after day”

Why?Which is hilarious, right? جوک خنده دار Because Dave connects with three of Arthur Black’s beer-swilling criteria:
are you kidding me?It’s thought-raising kids?provoking اس ام اس خنده دار?

fish should have to go to the bathroom It’s incongruous—that.
that we should have joke babies so It’s outrageous—that we can…eat them.

You don’t want “baby” business.  You don’t want your audience to know that “humour isn’t funny”.anyone اس ام اس خنده دار bogging down on the Just keep drinking and above all

Keep جوک خنده دار being real.
Humour is about the bare-assed truth.
No one knows this better than the hero of my latest (unpublished) novel.
Conrad Morris, a would-be comedian, loves to disrupt dinner parties with such pithy and outrageous and incongruous truths as, “All disease is constipation.”  To explain why this is funny, here’s Conrad himself:

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